Abstract of Current Research

Triboluminescence (TL) is an optical phenomenon that occurs when mechanical pressure is applied on a crystal causing it to either fracture or deform. Sugar crystals are one of the most common emitters of TL because even the average human can see their TL in a dark room. People may not notice it, but while consuming hard candy, especially Wint-O- Green LifesaversĀ® there is light being emitted in their mouth as they chew down the candy. Although, this concept seems very general it can used as a detector for structural damage and even produce X-rays in a vacuum, evenĀ  explain different properties of crystals that unknown. While sugar crystals are found almost everywhere in our daily lives it is rare that we can actually come across a pure sugar crystal. This is due to the property of nucleation which causes a saturated solution to produce crystals connected to one another. Thus, growing a pure sugar crystal to deform can be accomplished best by using a furnace with a super- saturated solution of 79.34 % sugar and 20.68% water, in room temperature. Furthermore, metal can be identified as prevention for nucleation as well.

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